Nowadays modular technology in production is already state of the art in many industrial sectors – for instance in the computer and electronics industry or the automotive industry. In simple terms, it is a matter of reducing the number of raw materials necessary and the related processing steps.

This enables the manufacturer to concentrate even more on the development of innovative products and their efficient production. It is obvious that the processing of 3 to 5 modules is much easier and less time-consuming compared to processing 15 to 20 different single raw materials.

Inherently modules possess a further essential advantage: continuous quality, assured through the extended quality management of the modules suppliers. In this way, the manufacturer can save the costs for in-depth individual testing of the raw materials. One more specialty of modular technology in our case: All companies in our group have longtime experience in the development of raw materials for the paint and coatings industry.

Through joint development within the group, it has been possible to create specially matched raw materials. These form the basis of the modules, tailored to meet precise application requirements, to be used in the customers processes. It would be impossible for a single producer to reach this pioneering technology on his own.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • • The modules reduce the amount of raw materials required
  • • The processing is significantly simplified and accelerated
  • • The quality of the finished goods achieves a higher batch consistency
  • • The product processes are less prone to error
  • • The costs for quality assurance are drastically reduced
  • • The manufacturing costs drop considerably
  • • The development competence of the producers is extended through the co-operation within the group
  • • The time to market for new products declines noticeably

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