AQUAMEDIATE®s offer outstanding product quality and batch consistency, thanks to a precise control of the chemical-physical raw material interactions. Moreover, the deployment of AQUAMEDIATE®s shortens the process of product development, as well as optimizing production times. Applicable as a guide value in this case is a “factor of 5”. This means production volumes increase up to fivefold by using standard production technology. A significant advantage in terms of flexibility for the production of high-margin products.

AQUAMEDIATE® modules also significantly contribute to the improvement of working conditions: less waste, no dust and not least, reduced warehousing and handling costs.

The outstanding features of all AQUAMEDIATE®s are based on constituents chemically optimally matched.

A brief excerpt on possible interactions between constituents is provided below:

Polymer particles stabilisation and…

  • • Efficacy of thickeners
  • • Compatibility of wetting agents and dispersants
  • • Efficacy of defoamers and defoaming additives

Polymer composition and…

  • • Efficacy of film building additives

Pigment- / filler stabilisation…

  • • Stabilisation of the polymer
  • • Interactions with film building additives
  • • Efficacy of thickeners, defoamers and air-release additives

AQUAMEDIATE®s offer comprehensive compatibility amongst themselves as well as with matting and theology modules.

Currently, there are two different type of AQUAMEDIATE®s:

1. Polymer-based AQUAMEDIATE®s

General composition

2. Pigment- / filled-based AQUAMEDIATE®s

General composition

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